Our Wake Forest Dentist Shares Teeth Whitening Tips to Keep a Beautiful Smile

Our Wake Forest Dentist Shares Teeth Whitening Tips to Keep a Beautiful Smile

Having a pretty smile with bright, white teeth always makes a good impression on other people and it makes you feel confident and good about yourself. However, over time, a number of things cause teeth to yellow or become dingy. Learning more about tooth discoloration and using these teeth whitening suggestions might help to whiten teeth for a beautiful smile.

<strong>How Stains May Occur</strong>

Although, there are a number of things that stain teeth, many of the beverages and foods we consume can be absorbed into teeth enamel, which leads to brown or yellow stains. For example, acidic beverages or acidic foods like citrus temporarily soften teeth enamel, which makes it susceptible to a variety of stains.

Besides acidic foods, any type of brightly colored drink, food or candy tends to stick to the outside of teeth and causes stains. In addition, certain food groups containing tannins tend to cause even more stains. Tannins are found in pomegranates, red wine, tea and coffee.

The temperature of foods and drinks that we consume also affects the contractions and expansion of teeth, which makes it easy for stains to penetrate teeth enamel.

<strong>Preventing Discoloration</strong>

Although, everyone has their own personal preferences, there are a number of things, which can be done to prevent discoloration.

1. Avoid certain foods known to cause teeth discoloration.
2. Brush after each meal or at least a minimum of two times daily.
3. When brushing isn’t possible, swish water around the inside of your mouth to flush food particles from your teeth.
4. Drinking cold drinks through straws may reduce stain buildup.

<strong>Whitening Solutions</strong>

Add fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet like carrots, apples, broccoli and celery that are abrasive, which help to remove food stains when you can’t brush.

Consider using whitening products, and use a toothpaste designed to whiten teeth. You might also visit your cosmetic dentist in Wake Forest for professional whitening procedures.

<strong>Foods, Candies and Beverages That Cause Stains</strong>

• Coffee
• Tea
• Red wine
• Berries like raspberries, blackberries and blueberries
• Cherries
• Tomato based sauces and ketchup
• Soy sauce
• Red grapes
• Colored Sodas
• Colored popsicles and colored candies
• Fruit juices
• Beets
• Recipes containing curry

Brushing your teeth after meals and using a good quality teeth whitening toothpaste might help to reduce stains between visits to your cosmetic dentist in Wake Forest. For excellent results, book an appointment today.