Reasons Why We Might Need Our Wisdom Teeth Removed

Reasons Why We Might Need Our Wisdom Teeth Removed

Each year many people have wisdom teeth removal performed. Having teeth pulled can sound like a scary thing, but it is actually a quite common procedure. Your cosmetic dentist will recommend removing your wisdom teeth for several reasons that pertain to the overall health of your mouth. Let’s take a look at some of the common reasons a patient will undergo wisdom teeth removal.
Wisdom teeth are located in the far back of the mouth. They are the third set of molars and usually begin coming in around 17 to 25 years of age. Tooth extractions may occur due to:

Having a smaller shaped mouth. Your jaw may not have enough room to accommodate extra teeth, causing them to become impacted or misaligned which will only cause you more problems in the end. Allowing your cosmetic dentist to remove the wisdom teeth before harmful and costly problems come up is the best solution.

The wisdom teeth are not coming in straight. If they are allowed to come in at the wrong angle they can shift or move your other teeth causing many teeth to be misaligned. You definitely want to avoid this if you have already had cosmetic work performed, such as braces, to straighten the teeth.

You are susceptible to cavities or gum disease. Wisdom teeth can be difficult to reach with a tooth brush or floss. Improper cleaning can create many problems. If you are having trouble keeping the wisdom teeth clean, your dentist may recommend tooth extractions to ensure overall oral health.

A cyst has formed around the wisdom tooth. If the tooth has already come in, sometimes a fluid sac can form next to the tooth. If left untreated the surrounding bone and tooth roots can be damaged.

The best way to avoid complications that can arise when wisdom teeth come in is to make regular dental visit and maintain open communication with your dental professional. Contact our dentist office today to continue your healthy dental hygiene.