Different Treatments To Stop Snoring from Tyler Davis DDS Sleep Dentistry

Different Treatments To Stop Snoring from Tyler Davis DDS Sleep Dentistry

It is estimated that 50 percent of the population snores. Anyone can snore, but there are some people who are more likely to snore than others. Obesity and alcohol use increases the risk of snoring. There are more men who snore than women. Additionally, one’s chances of snoring increases with age.

Snoring is often a sign of sleep apnea. This is a condition where the throat tissues block the airway, which causes one to stop breathing. Snoring can be a difficult problem to deal with. People who snore often keep their family members and friends awake. Fortunately, there are many snoring treatments available.

How To Stop Snoring

In many cases, lifestyle changes can help people stop snoring. Many people have been able to quit snoring by losing weight, limiting alcohol consumption and not smoking. If you are unable to quit snoring with lifestyle changes, then you can benefit from dental sleep medicine.

Oral appliances are often recommended for people who snore. These appliances help re-position your jaw, tongue and soft palate so that your airway stays open. You will need to have your appliance checked every six months in order to ensure that it still fits properly.

The oral appliances are easy to clean and convenient to use. They are also portable. There are over 100 appliances that have been approved by the Food And Drug Administration to treat snoring. Your dentist will recommend the one that is right for you. Most dental insurance plans will cover the cost of oral appliances.

A continuous positive airway pressure, CPAP, is another one of the snoring treatments that are available. It is a machine that comes with a mask. Continuous air pressure is delivered through the mask, which helps keep the airway open. While the CPAP machine is very effective for keeping the airway open and eliminating snoring, many people find it uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear. That is why many people prefer oral appliance therapy.

If you are interested in dental sleep medicine, then you should feel free to contact our office. We can treat your snoring so that you will be able to get a good night’s rest.