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Can You Receive Complete Dental Restoration Avoiding Any Type of Plastic Surgery?

In a world where our appearance seems to be more important than the foods we eat, people spend thousands of dollars on things like plastic surgery, when in fact they could easily have those changes made through a visit to one of our Wake Forest dentists. We tend to forget that our teeth can actually […]

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How Can Crowns & Bridges Can Improve Your Appearance

Many dental procedures are done to improve the function of teeth, but others are done for a better appearance. A cosmetic dentist can use crowns or bridges to help give your teeth a better appearance. You will certainly smile more if you feel comfortable with the way your teeth appear. What Is a Dental Crown? […]

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3 Main Benefits of Same Day Crowns with CEREC Technology

If you’re like most people, you have endured the process of calling for an appointment and discovering that none were available for several days or a week. When you are struggling with a medical or dental issue, you want to see the doctor or Wake Forest dentist right away. Fortunately, same day crowns are available. […]

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