Root Canals – Endodontic Dentistry

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Endodontics is a type dentistry which relates to the treatment and maintenance of the nerves or “dental pulp” of teeth. Root canals are one of the most well-known procedure in endodontics. If a tooth becomes infected, the nerve of the tooth is often infected, which may cause mild to severe discomfort. Removing the infected nerves and fixing the tooth is a priority to prevent the infection from becoming an abscess and causing more complex problems. Rather than just removing the problem tooth, a root canal removes the infection, allowing the tooth to be preserved and avoid more complex and costly procedures.

Common reasons teeth can become infected or die:

  • Tooth Decay – Bacteria which causes decay and infection
  • Tooth Trauma – Traumatic injury causes inflammation and infection
  • Old or Broken Fillings – Fractures in the tooth or root causes infection


Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Davis is skilled in performing root canals. Many patients experience great relief in tooth pain, and a restored ability to chew, bite and talk. We will numb the tooth with local anesthetic and then remove the infected tissue and fill the space with a filling material. When the root canal is finished, the tooth should then be restored with a crown or a filling, depending on the circumstances.

Pain Management for Root Canals

By combining the use of local anesthetic with pain medication, the procedure can be performed with little to no discomfort. Some patients experience soreness as an after effect, and over-the-counter medications usually are enough to ease any discomfort. However, our Wake Forest endodontic dentists may prescribe pain medication if appropriate. For patients with extreme anxiety, we offer conscious sedation options to help you get through the procedure.

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